The following are examples of the diverse facilitation services I have provided throughout the country. Through facilitation I have helped with conflict resolution among state and federal agencies, program planning at federal state and regional levels, policy making, and stakeholder and employee engagement. Organizations I have served include Fortune 500 companies, federal, state, local governments, trade associations, and nonprofits.


Fuel Economy Label:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a joint process to redesign the fuel economy label that is posted on the window sticker of all new cars and light-duty trucks sold in the U.S. This was the most significant redesign in 30 years.  As the Principle-In-Charge, I assembled and facilitated a prestigious group of thought leaders including senior executives from Apple, Unilever, Zappos, Pandora, Craigslist, Gates Foundation, MTV, CDC, Legacy campaign to explore a potential dramatic alternative to the current label.

Water Sense:

When EPA was exploring the launch of a “sister brand” to ENERGY STAR targeting water efficient products, I facilitated the planning discussion with EPA senior project staff and a team of consultants. The session explored the vision of the program, insights gained through market research, key stakeholders and target audiences, and the relationship with EPA and the existing ENERGY STAR brand.


Communicating Health Messages to Adolescents:

CDC wanted to create the first national Guiding Principles for Communicating Health Protection Messages to Adolescents, as a way to collect and disseminate evidenced based knowledge to help those who engage young people in health education.  An expert panel was assembled to help inform the process and ensure integrity of the information.  I facilitated for this two-day session.


Introduction of New Product Line

Remington, known for manufacturing lawn and garden equipment, planned to introduce a new electric lawn mower. Other products occupied the same category space; however, Remington’s new PowerMower offered additional features and environmental benefits that were new to the product category. Prior to the launch, I facilitated a strategic planning discussion with Remington’s CEO and marketing and sales executives to help the organization validate and clarify their unique market position.

Office of Emergency Management

What to do to Make it Through

Due to the risk of natural disasters and catastrophes in the Puget Sound, it was critical for residents to be prepared for catastrophic events that could isolate them for at least 7 days.  Emergency Planning offices across eight counties pooled their resources to advance this vision. I facilitated multiple planning sessions with the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program and State Homeland Security Program Steering Committee.

Washington State Department of Ecology


The state’s electronics recycling program was considered limited.  Common peripherals such as game consoles, printers etc., can contain toxic materials but were not yet being collected.  I led a series of full-day workshops to discuss the viability of adding these additional products.  Participants included representatives from a wide range of industries including Microsoft, Nintendo, Washington State DOE, Information Technology Council, Manufacturing associations, and waste management organizations and agencies.

Mercury Collection

Washington State Legislature wanted to explore the issues regarding the potential dangers of mercury containing lights. The Department of Ecology was charged with developing a recommendation for a program that would offer an effective and efficient collection program for mercury-containing lights. The program would cover small school districts, small businesses, and residents.  To help inform a Department of Ecology recommendation, I facilitated a meeting involving 30 participants including national manufacturers such as GE and Sylvania, national haulers such as Waste Management, retailers such as The Home Depot, staff from the senate and house, multiple government jurisdictions and agencies, industry lobbyists and attorneys.

Air Quality

Air quality has historically not received the same level of awareness and action as recycling, energy conservation or water conservation. The Washington State Department of Ecology wanted to 1) increase awareness of air quality; 2) help individuals understand the impact of vehicles on air quality; 3) have individuals accept responsibility for their impact on air quality; and 4) modify their behavior, specifically motivated by improving air quality.  I facilitated a planning session involving several agencies to identify potential audiences and behaviors that might be used to reach this objective.

State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids

Tooth decay is nearly 100 percent preventable, yet it remains the single-most common childhood disease nationwide. Tragically, in 2007, 12-year-old Maryland resident Deamonte Driver died from an untreated tooth infection that spread to his brain. Stirred by this horrible incident, federal and state leaders have been dedicated to preventing another such case.  I facilitated multiple meetings for three oversight groups to help address this issue. Working Group: 13 members recruited to provide guidance on program outreach tactics, messaging, influencers, barriers, benefits, and potential partners. Advisory Committee:  25 members who validated the Working Group meeting and the initial research findings. Strategic Partnership Council 160 individuals from a wide variety of organizations. These individuals and the organizations they represented provided guidance on opportunities around touch points, and committed to provide specific implementation support increasing program efficiency and effectiveness while leveraging the available resources.


Conflict Resolution AMTRAK

Communications between WSDOT, AMTRAK and ODOT had come to a standstill as a result of changes in federal law pertaining to the use of funds in marketing AMTRAK services along specific rail corridors.  I was asked to provide facilitations services with senior managers to bring resolution to the underlining conflicts and identify future opportunities to improve working relationships.

Seattle Children’s Hospital and University of Washington:

Launched the Pediatric Oral Health Center

The University of Washington and Seattle Children’s partnered to build this modern training facility with 16 dental chairs, and a full dental surgery center on site. The center serves young individuals with special needs, such as autism or Down syndrome. I facilitated multiple planning sessions with leadership from both organizations to develop a business plan, brand and marketing for the launch of a new joint venture.

Central Health (Austin, Texas)

Interagency Collaboration

Central Health (CH) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas that develops and maintains a network of health care services. (CH) owns University Medical Center Brackenridge (UMCB), a nationally recognized Level 1 Trauma Center and works with a network of partners like the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas, Seton Healthcare Family, CommUnityCare, Sendero Health Plans, and the Community Care Collaborative.  I facilitated a workshop of 50 participants including elected officials and executives from partnering agencies working to create collaborative branding and messaging.

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCG)

Clean Air Partners

Clean Air Partners is a nonprofit chartered by MWCG, created to build and broaden awareness of how individuals contribute to air pollution while informing them about the adverse effects of ground level ozone. The EPA had set the new standard to coincide with the Code Orange Air Quality Index category, and as a result, Clean Air Partners determined that the new ozone standard offers an opportunity for Clean Air Partners to revise the Air Quality Action Days program.  I facilitated a full-day planning retreat with their 30-member board to review these changes and identify a revised vision and action plan for the future.

Partnership for Water Conservation

The Partnership for Water Conservation is a nonprofit organization formed through unique public-private collaboration between concerned citizens, water utilities, businesses, and environmental interests. I facilitated a day-long session designed to help the organization prioritize the use of resources to advance their mission. The organization members did not have a common vision for the future of the organization or the primary function that they should provide. I worked with the board to develop a plan that would require participants to first identify the long-term objectives of the organization, and then identify what the organization could provide in a unique and meaningful way.

Woodland Park Zoo

Strategic Communications

I Facilitated a workshop involving 68 staff members. The workshop served as an opportunity for staff across all departments to inform WPZ’s strategic communications plan which was being created to guide zoo‐wide messaging and external relations, with a particular emphasis on the zoo’s role in science and environmental education, conservation and sustainability.

Focus Groups

Moderated scores of focus groups across the US

Salish Sea Conference

Facilitated six conference sessions at Salish Sea Conference in Vancouver BC

Water Environmental Association of Texas (WEAT)

Facilitated an 8-hour workshop for Association members on how to prioritize issues and when to deploy as an Association rather than as individual members.  Workshop included identification of best practices for brand building and reputation management as well as addressing several crises communication issues.

Additional Facilitation Examples:

  • City of Edmonds
  • Edmonds Center for the Arts – Facilitated multiple work sessions to update the strategic plan.
  • City of Edmonds working group to advance tourism marketing.
  • Edmonds Chamber Board Retreat 2020 & 2021.
  • Edmonds Downtown Alliance Walkable Main Street Round Table.
  • City of Edmonds/Edmonds Downtown Alliance Walkable Main Street Second Round Table.
  • Chaired the Edmonds Planning Board (facilitated Board Meetings and hearings etc.)
  • Sea-Tac Airport – Community stakeholder engagement to discuss small business tenant. contracting opportunities & Tennant planning sessions on collaborative marketing opportunities.
  • Evergreen Hospital – Introduction of a new practice area.
  • King County – Collaboration with more than 30 jurisdictions and agencies to create and implement multiple environmental initiatives.
  • Community Health Plan of Washington – Leadership team planning retreat.
  • Washington State Hospital Association – multi agency coordination to insure children.
  • City of Ellensburg / Kittitas County – multijurisdictional planning to increase tourism.
  • Evergreen Hospital – introduction of new health services.
  • City of Seattle – Resident and businesses in Pioneer Square discussions related to parking in downtown.
  • Metro – Cross agency staff retreat to identify marketing opportunities & Brand building with senior leadership & Customer service expert panel.