I have worked nationally to advance transportation across a wide range of initiatives including introducing new transportation technology, providing individuals information on their transportation choices, improving safety, improving environmental impacts, and developing new funding sources.



Developed new fuel economy label for all new cars sold in the US

Best Workplaces for Commuters

Help develop strategies to increase participation in national program designed to encourage major employers to reduce single occupant commuting by their employees.


High Speed Rail

Helped introduce the vision of high-speed rail to residents and officials in Washington, Vancouver BC, and Oregon.


Helped introduce Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks allowing trucks to be weighed and measured at highway speeds.


Strategic support on positioning the need for replacing the bridge and how it would be funded.

Washington State Ferries

Helped develop stakeholder outreach strategies as they began the process for converting a portion of their fleet to LNG.

Ramp Meters

Helped introduce Ramp Meters and their benefits to Washington State Residents



Created and implemented a program to reduce idle time at schools by parents, bus drivers and delivery people.  Idles times were reduced by 60%.

Highway 101

Helped frame the discussion for public involvement involving residents, truckers, and businesses on desired improvements to this major corridor.

HOV Lanes

Encouraged HOV lane use to Phoenix residents.

Way to Go Seattle

Helped develop strategies to increase participation in a program designed to help residents eliminate one car.

Sound Transit

Early outreach plan development support and help businesses impacted by construction.


Cover Your Load

Increased compliance by those with trucks to cover their loads and reduce accidents.

Washington Transportation

Increased awareness for several safety initiatives Safety Commission including drinking and driving.

Urban mobility

Developed and implement strategy to reduce SOV travel into Downtown Seattle.


Developed information tools to help stakeholders understand the need to upgrade 15 miles of this vital interstate.

METRO Transit Now

Developed marketing strategy for a 20% increase in service.


Helped create and implement multiple strategies and programs to help increase ridership.


Seattle SDOT

Developed strategy to mitigate the elimination of up to 5,000 on-street parking places.

Seattle Pedestrian Safety

Created a pilot program in schools teaching students how to walk safely.

Commute Seattle

Reduced single occupancy vehicles into downtown Seattle.


Western Washington Clean Cities

Created 37-page brochure to help car purchasers overcome barriers and encourage consideration of electric vehicles.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Developed approaches to increase preference and demand for clean taxi services, specifically targeting airport service.

Sea-Tac Airport

Helped promote awareness over electrification efforts of ground equipment.

Austin Energy Fuel Independence Project

Presented research to help members understand vehicle purchase process and preferences.

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